Foster For Caritas

What is Fostering?

Most people know that fostering is caring, in your own home for children (up to the age of 18), who are unable to live with their own family for a variety of different reasons.

When Children’s Services identify a child who needs to be cared for outside of their family, they approach local fostering agencies, such as ourselves, for assistance.

Caritas has an urgent need for foster carers of varying backgrounds to meet the differing needs of children who need to be cared for.

Many of these children will eventually return to their families. In a few cases this may take a matter of days or weeks – in most it will take much longer.

If a return to their families is not possible a decision will be made to find them a permanent family, sometimes from within their own extended family or through adoption.

In the majority of cases children in foster care will have regular contact with their families, and their parents will continue to have responsibilities towards them throughout the time they are in foster care.

Finding out if a person/family is suitable to foster children needs to be needs to be a thorough process to ensure that children are kept safe from harm and that it is the right step for the person/family in question.  Fostering is incredibly rewarding, but is also challenging and demanding, so it is important that both the social worker and family are confident that it is right for them.


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